Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP: Dennis lee Hopper

Dennis Hopper asked me: 'If you could not create, would you die?'
Dennis Lee Hopper May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010 < RIP: Dennis Hopper

Andy Warhol
Famous American artist - Pop Artist

Iconoclastic Hollywood icon Dennis Hopper dies

Dennis Hopper was a republican yet he spent most of his career playing democrats

Dennis Hopper was the most visionary of all Hollywood bad boys‎ - In a world of fake bad boys, he was the true article — a natural-born rule breaker, a Hollywood rebel who took midnight rides on the wild side with James Dean, a scraggly-haired hippie too hip (and too dark) to let the sunshine in. Dennis Hopper, who died today at 74, was an actor and a filmmaker who tore through boundaries not just because he didn’t like them; most often, he didn’t even see them. I’ll never forget the one time I got to be in a room with him

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