Sunday, October 17, 2010


The car...renowned STUTZ BEARCAT... the status sports car of long ago. "THE CAR THAT MADE GOOD IN ONE DAY", was the title given to Harry C. Stutz in 1911 as he placed 11th in the Indy 500. The Stutz Bearcat is about to once again growl down the straights and scream around the curves of America's roads.

The climax to a life-long dream of custom-automobile
builder, Howard D. Williams of Oklahoma is about to happen. Howard Williams first developed a reproduction of the 1914 Stutz Bearcat automobile while he was President of the Cord International Distributing in the 1960's. The idea for the following event took root prior to the finish of the first prototype which appeared in the Nieman Marcus Christmas catalog for "The Man Who Has Everything". The development of the car started in 1967. A special type of road rally race using these and other antique automobiles was first proposed along with the introduction of the Stutz After Shave and Cologne at the same time, along with a race poster, T-shirt and other accessory items. These were all complimentary products to help promote the introduction of the car.

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  1. My Great Grandfather designed this car in Germany :)